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>> does the government keep the video data? does the government have a data base with video data tracking the movements of the american people? >> i'm sorry, the microphone is on. -- is not on. >> n.s.a. does not hold such data.
at the n.s.a., no ma'am. >> does the government keep the video data? does the government have a data base with video data tracking
to sue in >> yes, we should be. companies should not be helping the federal government to snoop on us. we have to ask ourselves how much liberty we are willing to give up in order to create the false illusion of security. to live in a fro society, risks are involved. the risks are worth to to have what we have. >> steve, if i am buying a service and i don't want them to share the service with the government should i be able to sue them if they do it against my will? >> companies for a impossible position. if they help out the government they are snooping on privacy. if they don't help out the government they are helping terrorist. the focus should be on the government and l abuses, don't bring in companies that are doing the best and caught in an impossible position. >> sabrina, the government made some of the companies their partners. >> we are taking a giant step to national socialism if our companies claim immuneitty. the government doesn't need to own the means of production for us to be in a precarious position. before we are in a bad position in the society. >> rich, what do you thi
's richest countries. putin supports the syrian government and barack obama sports the rebels. >> in a series of photo opportunities staged for the cameras, they had all actually already arrived, british prime minister david cameron shook the hands of the six leaders who for the most part share his views on syria and then he greeted the man who doesn't, russian president vladimir putin. by the u.n.'s latest conservative estimate and the figures only go up until the end of april, 93,000 people have now died in syria in the last year alone, an average of 166 people have died every single day. neighboring countries now shelter over 1.6 million refugees. given this carnage and despair, can the g-8 make progress where for the last two years there's been deadlock around the u.n. security council table? >> it appears not. this was the crucial meeting and the body language said everything. president putin looked like he wanted to be somewhere else. president obama fidgeting nervously as he listened to the opposite numbers speak. there were no new points of greement, no new initiative. >> you do have
is here the governor and i fired up about distrust of the government as irs targets conservatives. now we're learning $70 million in bonuses and your tax dollars lining their wallets. what does she think about that? >> and does the f.b.i. owner currently use drones and if so for what purpose? >> yes, sir and for surveillance. >> eric: shock and awe. now, they are using them to spy on americans. now, your privacy on the line. and reaction from a shocking exclusive interview with the father of the nsa whistleblower ed snowden. he is fired up and what he says will shock you. "cashin' in" blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. in a moment we'll explore the latest with "cashin' in" crew and joining us will be colonel alan west. joining me my very good friend and fox news contributor, sarah palin. governor, welcome. we obviously can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives and now the agency is giving their union employees $70 million paid for by the temperature. it can't be sitting well with you? >> no, it certainly doesn't. i think in orwel
government have a data base that has the g.p.s. location whereabouts of americans, whether by our cell phones or other tracking device? is there a known data base? >> n.s.a. does not hold such a data base. >> does the n.s.a. have a data base that you maintain that holds the con tent of american phone calls? do you have recordings of all of our calls?
government, and that is leading to a disaffection and a disconnection that going forward is very troubling. >> i'm sorry, one of the things that really i think concerns people is that you've created something that never existed in american history before, and that is a surveillance state. the infrastructure that, basically using software technology and data mining and eavesdropping, very sophisticated technology to create an infrastructure that a police state would have, and that's what really should concern americans, because we haven't had a full national debate about the creation of a massive surveillance state and surveillance infrastructure that if we had some radical change in our politics could lead to a police state.
and i fired up with distrust of the government. now we are learning irs is giving themselves cent million dollars in bonus and what does sarah think about that? >> and does the fbi own or currently use drones and if so, for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> talk about shock and a we. fbi using drones to spy on americans. now the governor weighs in and reaction from my shocking interview with father of whistle blower mr. snowden. and what he said will shock you. cashin' in blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> hi, everyone. i am eric poling. we'll be going full speed a head and explore the latest in washington. and also colonel allen west is here. joining me in the hot seat good friend and fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, welcome. we can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives. and they are giving union employees 70 million in bonus paid for by the taxpayer. it is not sitting well with you. >> no only a government would collect a bad deed. it is a shame and more reason to distrust our federal government and the nonsense going
a lot guilty and says it wants to release all the data requested has gone from the government. only one problem. google says the government won't let it. it is asking some supersecret court to let it. go ahead and let google devils the secrets. i guess they're really not that secret anymore. i don't know whether the foreign intelligence surveillance court, we actually have uch a thing, will let google do that, but this point it's doesn't matter. the damage is done. they release all the mel's. well, they know all that. so go ahead and unburden her troubled souls and try and get these surveillance demands out just as you already had reported all these other demands out, the ones that you got from federal and state and local officials to talk to say nothing of governments worldwide. they're troubling enough and numerous enough. will it really make much difference to know the house when wind of the surveillance stuff now? had added. will google asserting itself as the least cooperative company now and do all the harm it willingly or unwillingly agreed to? i ee doubt it. i am all for cleans
dividend. >> neil: 30 minutes in, hope springs eternal. >> eric: first the government, now somebody selling you out, nsa selling you out. one company throwing the red carpet to snoop on you. take it easy on the taxman. they are blowing the irs scandal out of proportion and now evidence suggestion that neither party is being tough enough, "cashin' in" asking the tough questions right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and jehmu greene and you heard about verizon being forts today hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now the company may have built a fiberoptic cable to the government so it can access that information. tracy, what about private companies? >> it's all about transparency. i get the need gather intelligence. to keep this country safe. we should know what is happening. to do this behind our back is so untrustworthy. i have verizon and i'm pissed off about it >> eric: senator rand paul is looking to suing verizon. >> is he serious about area 51 come on. they are not alex jones crazy yet. conspiracy theories about business selling
. >> he leaked classified information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or trader? and is searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails and web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a hay stack? >>> plus, $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obamacare address excessive healthcare costs. >> no, no, and no. if anything, it will raise the cost. >>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >>> thank you. thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city and a very happy father's day to everyone. well, at least to the fathers. all right. i have long advocated that we ought to pace the fair tax. that would eliminate taxes on income, saving, dividends, capital gains, inheritance and investments and replace these penalties on our productive with a tax on our consumption at the retail level. there's an important benefit that we, i think can all really embrace. it eliminates the irs. that's a good reason for it, right? [ applause ] >> well
government. that is why the donor list has been protected of the socialist worker party since 1979. that is also why the supreme court told the state of alabama that it cannot force of the naacp to disclose its donor list back in 1958. the president could claim as he did six months after wagging his finger at the supreme court that the only people who do not want to disclose the truth of people with something to hide. he can claim that, but the fact is there is very good and legitimate reason that the court has detected folks from force disclosure. they know that failing to do so subject them to the kind of harassment that we have been seeing here the last three years. the political response to citizens united with the so- called disclose act was not about cleaning up politics, it was about finding a blunt political weapon to be used against anyone group and one group only. conservatives. those who doubt this have not and paying attention to the tactics of the left. they must not have noticed the stories about top administration officials holding weekly phone calls with groups like
. >>> first, the government, now are private firms selling you out? as thnsa scandalrupts, one phone company accused of rolling out the red carpet for uncle sam to snoop on you. >>> democrats accusing repubublins of blowg t irs scandal out of proportion. now there's evidenceuggesting neither party is being tough engh. "cashin' in," asking the tough qutions right now. >>> hi, everyone, welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan, tracy, also m. welcome, everybody. so youeard about the verizon being forced to hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now we're hearing the company may have built a special fiber opic cable directly to the government so it can access that information. acy, everyone's focusing on the nsa. hat about private companies? >> yeah. you know why? it's all about transparency. i get the need to gather intelligence and keep this country safe. but we should know what's happening. do this behind our back is so untrustworthy. i have verizon and i'm rally pissed off about it. >> i ve verizon also. senator rand paul is looking at a lawsuit, suing the
to the nsa, don't do millions know it. hello, everyone. this guy is proof we need more government workers. according to a new report, they're ready for a new fight against hiring outside contractors while pushing for are more federal workers and security jobs. that have you feeling a little insecure? gary, what do you think? >> there is no proof that contractors do a bad job for us with our security. this is an outlier event, one that should be arrested. i do not want any union employees put down our throatses in the security business. that will affect us going forward. i want good people running the show. >> there is also a report out friday that says even though the nsa has rule order how to handle our communications, there are so many gray areas or wiggle room, if you will, that it's all kind of spooky anyway. >> it is. and i will borrow something i know adam might very well say. of course the unions will try and increase their ranks. which theoretically if you had more government workers versus private contractors, that would happen. actually i totally agree with gary this is a one of
information on the government surveillance of americans. is edward snowden a hero or traitor? >>> searching for terrorists by monitoring millions of phone calls, e-mails, web searches effective or more like trying to find a needle in a haystack. >>> and $108 for antibiotic ointment, $77 for gauze pads. does obama care do anything to address excessive hospital costs? >> no, and no. and that lowers the cost. if anything it will raise the cost. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. >>> thank you very much. very happy father's day to everyone, at least to the fathers. i have long advocated we ought to pass the fair tax. that would eliminate all taxes on income, savings, dividends, capital gains, inheritance and investments, and it would replace these penalties on productivity with a tax on consumption at the retail level. there's an important benefit of the fair tax that we can all really embrace. it eliminates the irs. that's a good reason for it, right? well, in light of the illegal and unethical activities of the irs in relationship to conservative pro-life and pro-israel groups and
a collection of clips from programs we have featured on the nsa and the topic of publishing government secrets. over the next hour we will hear from authors james bamford, matthew aid james keefe and dana priest. up first is the author james bamford whose first book about the nsa the puzzle palace was published in 1982. he spoke about the follow up to that book "body of secrets" in 2002 at the independent institute in oakland, california. >> the nsa is an extremely secret agency and when i wrote the book he it was the first book written about nsa today never thought i would have to read a second one but after i wrote puzzle palace no one came along and followed in my footsteps so i ended up writing "body of secrets" 20 years later which is only the second book written on the nsa so i sort of have a monopoly on that topic at this point. the government was not very happy that i wrote the "puzzle palace" and they twice wrote me for prosecution even though i never signed clearance forms with the nsa or anything else. they just didn't like anybody writing on the nsa. the old saying at nsa is that t
to join a government. at the end of the year stephen green, former chair and chief executive, will be standing down as trade minister after doing a superb job refocusing the governments efforts in key export markets. i can't announce today that in livingston for the past five years chief executive of bt, one of britain's most successful businesses, will take on this vital role. i believe he will bring huge talent to a vital national effort. >> thank you, mr. speaker. with the prime minister agree there are many, many people in excellent school benefiting from outstanding teaching from inspirational teachers, not all of them have necessarily been -- [inaudible]? >> i think my honorable friend makes an important point. there are many good teachers in our schools who haven't been through the formal processes. i met this week we'v with anothw policy from the party opposite. banning all such teachers from such schools. as ever, although i've been busy, mr. speaker, i that a careful look at this policy and i note that the our teachers, people who teach, including those on the bench
in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for the city. i was also proud to work with then mayor newsome in passing the first generation of open data legislation that we have. but as our civil grand jury in june pointed out, our i-t in san francisco is still in need of a culture shock. and this is where all of us come in today. we have 200 data sets that have already been put out there, but by and large the data sets put out by city government are data sets that i think show us in a very positive way. from my perspective, it
the truth, secrets from the u.s. government, and now he is really our responsibility to come out and defend him. not only his rights but also hours. >> revelations continue to emerge from the nsa files edward snowden disclosed. the guardian of london reports the british government conducted extensive surveillance of foreign diplomats attending the 2009 g 20 summit in london. britain cost nsa counterpart, the gchq, establish fake internet cafÉs to spy on foreign delegates' computer use. the agency also hacked into officials' blackberries to monitor their e-mails and phone calls. the nsa played a role in the operation by sharing information on the phone calls of russian leader dmitri medvedev. other targets included british government allies such as south africa and turkey. the spying appears to have been spurred by the british government's desire for an advantage in the g20 talks. an internal briefing paper said the gchq's intent was to provide intelligence relevant to the governments desired outcomes for its presidency of the g20. the news comes just as britain is hosting the g8 summit, wh
been demonstrating against the government, this is an hour. >> and about to get the thoughts to the heads, lady ashton from the european commission to report on the situation in turkey. >> in many ways a tough situation. can i say to distinguished members of the european parliament i am grateful for the discussions i had with some of you over the last two days. as you have seen less night turkish police launched a major offensive to review istanbul. there was intensive use of teargas from what we saw. and reports of widespread injuries. this is a major cause of concern. by following events closely from the start and make two statements, one from my spokesperson and directing myself from june and a coordinated closely with my colleagues, who was under ground in turkey last week, meeting with the prime minister as well as a meeting with civil society representatives, many of you will have seen what he said from speeches he gave and i paid tribute to his work. i think it is fair to say we believe we have seen too much excessive police force over the last two weeks, close range u
our own government has been extensively engaged in our e nails and phone records with the ability to singling us out for scrutiny. big brother and big business have morphed into the biggest brother ever. not only watching and listening, but taking down names and numbers. >> the authority that the analyst is empowered with, not all theage lists have the ability to target everything. i sitting at my desk had the authority to tap anyone, even the president if i had to. >> as of now, only snowden fully understands his motives and full extent of what he intends to reveal remains unknown. the white house insists looping as a weapon against terrorism. general keith alexander, head of the nsa, told congress this week that the agency surveillance had helped prevent dozens of attacks. a large majority of the public agrees that the spying is necessary. but others see it as an unprecedented infringement on our civil liberties, a massive threat to a free society. lloyd lessick was one of the first to see the promise of the new technology and its peril. in 1999 he wrote this book "code and othe
cavuto. this guy is proof we need more government workers. according to new reporting they are ready for a new fight for hiring outside contractors for security jobs. does that have you feeling a little insecure. to our panel, gary, what do you think? >> there is no proof that contractors do a bad job for us with our security. this is an event, one that should be arrested. i do not want any union employees put down in the security business. i wanted good people running the show. >> alisyn: there is a report out d. >>> even though the nsa there are oh many gray areas and wiggle room it's all kind of anyway. >> i know something that adam might say. the unions will try to increase their ranks that theoretically if you had more government workers versus prievtd contractors that would happen. i agree with gary k., this is one off and dufess last week. you can have people, you can have people who leak confidential information funny they work for the government. call them a whistleblower. it's. >>> they are all inning sane to a certain extent with whistleblowers. but i do have a problem of
and if journalists are restricted people will know only what the government wants them to know. please join me in giving a warm welcome to the c.e.o. of the associated press, mr. gary pruitt. \[applause] >> thank you angela. and i want to thank the national press club for inviting me today and i want to thank them for the really cool cupcakes they put together with all the logo through the years of a.p. i think it's really artfully done and deliciously done. for those of you who don't want your cupcake, bring it to the a.p. table. i'm sorry for those of you watching online on c-span that you're not going to get those cupcakes. but before coming here today to speak, i thought it would be a good idea to get a sense of how the seizure of a.p.'s phone records by the u.s. department of justice was affecting our reporting. and what i learned from our journalists should alarm everyone in this room and i think should alarm everyone in the country. the actions of the d.o.j. against a.p. are already having an impact beyond the specifics of this particular case. some of our long time trusted sources have
here soon. >>> the case has been made. we've got to a big intrusive government. irs, nsa, you name it. >> the irs targeting of tea party groups was taking place at headquarters in washington, and there is nobody that's going don vince me that obama was not involved. >> the indictment by the tea party of big government has been validated by the way they've been treated. >> i think the president leads in two fashions. he has the legal authority by being elected but you also need moral authority, and think this constellation of scandals, really he's losing his moral authority to lead the nation. >> the nsa leak is one of many scandals that has take an toll on the president's popularity. the president's approval rating fell 8 points in one month. >> we have not seen this kind of intense evidence of obama losing approval, losing popularity, and losing support. >> the problem is the guy has lost being forth right and honest. he's got no credibility. >> the president is bankrupt on the trust factor. people are appalled at what's going on in the government, so why should they trust them? >> t
government spending on the world cup and olympics and call for more investment in social services and education. >> it is exciting to see the people demanding their rights. the people have woken up. >> most protestors on thursday were peaceful. saying, opens were court no vandalism." others carried signs and sentiments for change. like these medical students. >> we came because we want to have better hospitals in brazil. hospitals are in an awful conditions. what people in brazil need are good at hospitals and quality care. >> a cry for change and a movement gaining more voices every day. out judd sirott in rio de janeiro. >> what started as a campaign against rising fares has become something a lot bigger. we have a report on the people behind the protest. began in ae protests result, she has seen her business increase. she sold more than 4000 anonymous masks in less than one week. >> it is because of its significance. it does not matter who is behind it. what is going on does not have a face. it has this case, which gives a sense of unity. >> behind masks, many youngsters think
the for 60 years, britain's government tracked uso fighting. now we are getting a look at what i have found. -- britain's government tracked ufo sightings. now we are getting a look at what they found. our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. today, brazil's government held an emergency cabinet meeting to address the worst unrest the country has seen in decades. the demonstrations were the biggest so far with protesters expressing their anger over publicing from poor services to the amount of money being spent on next year's world cup. >> police acted firmly and decisively to break up the biggest demonstrations escalated over a week ago. they are the worst in 30 years, since the end of a dictatorship, and still, there's been no word from the president, who has been holding emergency meetings today. more than one million people took to the streets across the country. in rio, a chance to march on city hall were met with volleys of tear gas and rubber bullets. >> the protesters have set fires and at the end of the road, and the police are again moving forward. they hav
of dollars. i am christine romans. this is "your money." we know the government is watching and it's stored in places like this, and this is the new facility in utah. it's 1 million square feet. the largest of several across the country. but the government alone doesn't see those secrets, it's big business. the nsa leak controversy has brought into sharp focus what many americans may not know, big companies whose only responsibility is to return proffer it for share share holders are doing some of the most sensitive work for the national security. 22% of all security clearances are held by contractors, workers like edward snowden, who made $122,000 working for booz allen hamilton, and he was fired for taking those secrets public. and the government outsourced gra granting all but the highest security clearances. ron, the book "1984" zoomed up on amazon, but big brother has become a private public partnership. and senator diane feinstein wants to reign in the outsourced intelligence industry. is that even possible at this point? >> there has always been a big defense contracting side of the
the government simply took away the harvest, the yields of all of it. [speaking mandarin chinese] >> translator: then they redistributed it to people. >> and it reminds me of the tragedy in the soviet union of the ukraine very similar how things happened. [speaking mandarin chinese] >> right? very similar? >> translator: yes. >> and so while the fall min was going on, -- famine was going on, while the famine was going on, it was hard to get information about what was happening. and the government tried to suppress the knowledge; correct? [speaking mandarin chinese] >> translator: the only phrase, they were full of praise about policy. they only said good words about the what was happening. >> and -- [speaking mandarin chinese] >> translator: and the -- [inaudible] as well. [speaking mandarin chinese] >> translator: and the bragged about the situation and said we have a huge surplus of grain. [speaking mandarin chinese] >> translator: and actually mao was worried about a -- [inaudible] >> people who tried to spread the knowledge about the famine to other people, what happened to them in the begi
believe anything coming out of our government. anthe way, curtis, that was excellent call -- i wish i could be as rational and calm as curtis -- do not let me forget to tell you about abu sakar, by the way. this propaganda, you would think they are getting paid a lot of money, you would think they would come up with something new. haven't you heard this before, the evil vietnamese, communists, the terrible hussein with all of those weapons of mass destruction? yes, this is sliding into president obama's third war. to doopaganda, we've got this and we do not want to be terrible to bomb them, but we will -- we are giving money and sakars to people like abu who you can see on youtube. he is a rebel "commander." he is a religious fanatic, terrorist who is on youtube so-ing open a syrian army called enemy with his knife, tearing the guys heart out and eating it. he is a cannibal. gee, what could go wrong with this scenario? we are giving money and weapons to a cannibalistic religious fanatic terrorist. host: i will leave it there. thank you for your call and your contribution. this on our
on democracy: government surveillance, corporate power and public resistance." and we remember the late actor james gandolfini. while best known for his role is to a soprano, he produced two documentaries focused on injured military veterans, the effects of ptsd, and the emotional cost of war. >> sure they give the metals and alive, butou you are you feel and the. you feel like he lost. -- like you lost. thank you. >> no, man, thank you. >> we will speak with the filmmakers who worked with james gandolfini on the documentaries, jon alpert and matthew o'neil. all that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. or disclosures have emerged from the leaked surveillance operations of the nsa. documents published by the guardian thursday show the nsa can retain the personal information of americans even if collected without a warrant. under rules adopted by the form intelligence surveillance court, americans' emails and phone records can be helped if inadvertently seized in the process of monitoring a foreigner or containing significant
. the cause brought an end to an anti-government movement. police have resorted to force to break up the demonstrations. after the meeting, a senior official of the ruling party said that erdogan suggested he would partially suspend the redevelopment project until a court makes a ruling in an ongoing lawsuit. in an earlier meeting, a developer suggested holding a referendum on the project. some of the demonstrators are welcoming erdogan's latest proposal, but others say they won't back down until he resigns. hours before the talks, the prime minister threatened to forcibly evict protesters from taksim square and the park. now the park has become a home away from home for some of the anti-government protesters. "nhk world" shows us around. >> reporter: colorful tents, blankets, and picnic sheets line walkways inside the park, along with the flags and pictures of the country's founding father. thousands of people, young and old, have been camping out here. students, workers and business owners have come together and secularists who fear the growing influence of religion and dislike the
with that african union troops and somali government troops were both engaged in the fight to try to put down this attack. after about an hour or so, they said that they were able to get it under control. i have also been speaking to al they wereo says responsible for the attack and it was a suicide mission. the attackers all understood they would not be coming out and they would be killed in the offensive either inside the compound or on their way in. >> just reminded to al shabab are? a militant group that has been fighting to overthrow -- overthrow the government and establish an islamic state inside somalia. they are closely connected with al qaeda, although they have lost control of significant part of the country. they also insist they are still engaged in the operation, the guerrilla operation in mogadishu itself and they have promised more attacks like this. >> in this compound, would it have been well guarded it sounds as though it was a hitch battle. >> it does sound as though it was a pitch that appeared in the compound is only a few hundred meters out from the main gate to the air
causes pollution readings to hit a record high. >>> at least 800,000 brazilians join anti-government protests as the growing unrest forces the president to cancel a trip to japan. >>> and preserving opera makeup artists with masks. china's cultural thriving once again. >>> singapore residents barely recognize their city. a thick haze has been hanging in the air for days making breathing difficult and dangerous. smoke from fires raging in indonesia is to blame. government officials are telling even healthy citizens to stay indoors. analysts with the environmental agency say the main pollution gauge hit a record high on friday beating a record set in 1997. air quality has been in a range considered unhealthy to hazardous. >> my eyes are kind of sore. when i woke up this morning, my throat was kind of sore. as an employer i've also asked my employees to take the day off. >> this time it's very bad. i could feel in my house, everything, shut down everything, close windows, doors. >> analysts with the national environmental agency say the main pollution gauge hit a record high on friday b
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